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The Most Beautiful Lady In The World 🥰🌹

Lucy Was Diagnosed Terminal Pancreatic Cancer Friday 13th March 2020 At The Age Of 54,She Was My World My Sweetcheeks My Rocky 🥊🥊 My Love My Life,Such A Caring Loving Kind Partner And To Others, Always Smiling And staying Positive,Never Complained,After Over A Dozen Chemo 3 Cocktail,After Numerous Admitions To Hospital,Came Back Out Fighting Again, Sadly 28th September 2021 Lucy Was Admitted To Hospital Again,All Chemo Was Stopped Because Of Her Being So I'll And So Underweight And Not Eaten For Days, Only Fluids,She Was Winning Again But On The 8th October Lucy Suffered A Stroke Down Her Left Side Head To Toe,She Wanted To Come Home,I Got Her Home Monday 10th October,Carers 4 Times A Day And Night With District Nurse,The Last 3 Days Lucy Couldn't Swallow Fluids,I Tried Everything To Help Her,Alas Wednesday 20th October I Held Her In My Arms,A Tear Rolled Out Of Her Right Eye I Kissed It And Kissed Lucy On The Lips And Held Her Close,And Told Her I Love Her And It's Ok To Go,She Took Her Last Breath And Passed Away 12.10pm 😰😘🤗💔 My World Is Shattered,I Am Not Coping At All,

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