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Daft! A sheer light force who exuded life love and sheer talent. He was a super star in every way. He was so loved and will be missed.

There are so many memories I shared with my life long best friend - I perhaps need to write a book! Aside from my husband he was the love of my life and we spent a lifetime playing. He was my joy, my inspiration, my double act. He was supremely talented not just in his acting, singing and dancing abilities but also in the way he connected with people. He was so insightful and could spot a phoney from a mile away! A Peter Pan whose child like charm never left him and by his side was his beautiful partner Simon and their trusty Jack Russell Percy - a Battersea resident to whom he was devoted. Paul and Percy are now reunited and no doubt taking long walks together.

Paul was never materialistic he knew what was important in life - to love, laugh, show generosity to friends and pets and most of all ... to play. His passing has left his partner, family and friends devastated he will be missed beyond words so it is important to keep his legacy alive and tell his story. Paul adored Battersea and was a huge advocate and supporter of their work so it feels so appropriate to open a tribute fund page in his and Percy's honour. He'd love that.

Play well my darling and enjoy your long walks.

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    Well done on your cycle. Great achievement all of you x

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    Well done and for such a worthy cause X

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    Fantastic achievement guys. Really well done xxx

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