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Pete was a salt-of-the-earth type of man and also a wonderful person who is and will be sadly missed by many.

He loved animals more so dogs, in his own words from his website as a plastering company he wrote about his own little dog:

'The A in P&A Plastering derives from my dog Alfie who has passed away at the age of 16. A big loss to me but have many lovely memories'

Alfie came into my life over 17 years ago, at the time I was not looking for a dog. If I was I could not have one like him; he was very special to me.

Pete alternately and affectionately known as TP (Tech Pete) reasons being he and technology did not mix. In his own words,

'It's hard being me sometimes' as anything tech he would break or would not work for him - he would make you laugh all the time with some of his comments and that chuckle of his. It was infectious and many a time would end up laughing so much tears would be in your eyes tears of sadness.

He would always harp on about eating organically, and yet go to the pub have a few pints, and then grab a kebab or saveloy and chips on the way home .. Organic of course mate .. Haha

TP was my best friend and I miss his phone calls meeting up for a chat and his outlook on life. Sitting outside our favourite bar on the front in Brighton just talking for ages about life were great times.

In Pete's words Same Old Gravy meaning Always The Same, good people seem to die young.

I hope and like to think you are with Alfie and your Dad in peace my friend.

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  • £50.00 Tony, Michelle, George & Harry

    Shocked and sadened to hear the news. Thinking of you - rest peacefully Pete x

  • £20.00 Mum

    I feel devastated, we all are, lots of ‘What If’s’ going on, you are and always will be deeply loved son.

  • £20.00 Allen Johnson (Nephew)

    I’m still in disbelief, another life taken too young, I know you will be happy to be with Alfie again 🙏🏼

  • £30.00 Sarah DF

    Never forgotten my friend... x

  • £30.00 Angie

    Hope you found you’re beloved Alfie x will miss you and our laughs so much ❤️

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