Carol Wilkinson

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Our mum/Carol always loved animals. Our two dogs were her best friends and saw her through such major events in her life with their loyalty, support and calmness. She also gave a loving home and cared for many unwanted cats, who seemed to seek her out instead of the reverse. Battersea was always her favourite charity so if you would like to contribute in her name we would all be so very grateful.

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  • £25.00 Grant MacIntyre

    In memory of a lovely lady who will be sorely missed by so many...

  • £20.00 Michelle

    It’s a pleasure to contribute to celebrate your Mum Emma and Michael and her soft spot for animals. Carol’s laugh will stay with me forever!

  • £30.00 Fiona

  • £50.00 Ad

    Thank you for embracing my family, you will be sadly missed xxx

  • £15.00 Harry Kane

    Didn’t quite make it x

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