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Tom was kind, gentle, funny and caring. He always had time for you and would always be there for you.

Tom was a kind hearted and gentle person, his love for animals was immense and the relationship he had with our cat Pickle was a thing of beauty. I adored Tom and would do anything for him and him for me. He always would look out for friends and family and would be there if you needed him at a moments notice. He was here for a good time, not a long time. And whilst we were together, we had a fantastic three years and a really great last three months in isolation during Covid quarantine, which I will be forever grateful for. During that time we got engaged and I hoped he would be the person I would marry and grow old with. There are so many things about Tom that I loved and I'm sure everyone who knew him did too. There was not a day that we didn't have a laugh together and I love him more than anything. Being a massive animal lover, we would always exchange animal pictures and memes, our phones are filled with pictures of Pickle and I know she will miss him too. In this way, his love of animals will go on through this fund and I hope that one day when I see him again, we will have a laugh about the times we spent together and how many times we laughed at the cat. He had a happy life and was more than content with his lot, my only consolation is that he was doing something he loved and had a very happy last day. Until we meet again, this fund is in your memory my love.

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    Taken too soon

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    going to miss you mate, we had such a great time talking bikes when I should have paid more attention to shannon, miss you mate

  • £50.00 Nan & Grandad Carey

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